A subdivision of Taylor Lake Village, Texas



KirbyWoods is a subdivision of Taylor Lake Village in the Clear Lake Area between Houston and Galveston. It is located one mile north of NASA Road 1 on Kirby Road.  KirbyWoods was developed in 1990 and consists of 82 homes, a community center, swimming pool and lighted tennis court.


Welcome Home to KirbyWoods

Swimming Pool

Tennis Court


KirbyWoods is in the

Clear Creek Independent School District

- one of the top ranking school districts in Texas.


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KWPOA Tree Trimming Notice

It has been recently brought to the KWPOA board’s attention, that low-hanging tree branches are causing some problems with the school buses as they drive through the neighborhood. The branches are damaging the antennae on the top of the buses, which in turn is causing a safety hazard.

According to Taylor Lake Village ordinance, trees must be trimmed so they hang no lower than 10 feet above a street and 8 feet above a sidewalk. Homeowners are responsible for trimming the trees in their yard regardless of where the branches hang, in order to meet city ordinance.

To comply with this ordinance and avoid any safety hazards with the school buses, we are asking homeowners in the KirbyWoods neighborhood to have their trees trimmed accordingly by November 30, 2018. If homeowners do not comply by November 30, the KWPOA will arrange for the work to be done at the owner’s expense.

We are trying to arrange something with Bay Area Trees to discount the trimming.  We will also be contacting Professional Tree Service (832-902-6173 A licensed and insured service) to get quotes for the trimming at each address.  A copy of the quote will be left at each address. You may contact Bay Area Trees at 281-474-3722 directly if you prefer and get pricing.

Thank you for keeping KirbyWoods a safe and attractive community!